Hollywood RGB EXR 200T ECN-2

Hollywood RGB EXR 200T ECN-2


Hand rolled by a now defunct lab it is Kodak EXR 200T! Straight from Kodak "EASTMAN EXR 200T Film / 5293 (35 mm) is a medium to high speed tungsten balanced color negative camera film with microfine grain and very high sharpness. It features wide exposure latitude and accurate tone reproduction. The emulsion contains a colored-coupler mask for good color reproduction in release prints."

This film has a remjet backing, so remember only select labs will process it!

Just do it yourself!

Use an 85B filter to properly balance color outdoors or under non-tungsten light at ISO 125, or leave it off for some creative freedom.

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Download Kodak's Tech Sheet Here!

Eastman Kodak EXR has been used on many films famous films of all types; including Amistad, The Ring, multiple Quentin Tarantino movies, The Fifth Element, Oscar winners Braveheart and A Beautiful Mind, TV shows like Firefly, epics like The Lord of The Rings series, make your stills work just as epic!