Why the Name

36 Exposures? 

I wanted to create an organization to help photographer, creatives, artists and small businesses in the Tampa Bay area gain exposure and skills through my passion for photography, podcasting, design, digital marketing and search engine optimization.  

Thanks to Lecia, the standard of 36 Exposures per roll of film exists, quite simply putting as many photos on a five foot strip of film as you can, in a small a space as you can is quite efficient. Sure theres 12 and 24.. but there was also 20, then you get to roll films that aren't in canisters that vary depending on camera and frame size becoming overly complicated and the name 8 to 12 or 20 or 24 or 36 or 1 exposures doesn't have the same ring. Click the button to Learn more about 36 Exposures, or scroll down or navigate up top for the Photography Podcast, Tutorials and more!

- Matthew